Steel Pulse is a Van de Stadt ‘Forna 37’.  Refer to the Van de Stadt Design website for their details of the boat. http://www.stadtdesign.com/designs/stock_plans_sail/forna_37

Van de Stadt are a famous Dutch yacht design company, who have been producing top designs since the 1930s. The Forna 37 is a design that is sold for completion by your own chosen yacht builder. Van de Stadt provide detailed plans, including  CAD/CAM cutting plans, which allows machine cutting of all of the steel plate sections and also for the woodwork for the interior.

The boat was commissioned by PIP (Yacht Building) Ltd. The steel came cut and rolled from Almarine in Holland and was assembled and welded by Cunningham’s of Littlehamton, who worked on British Steel yachts. Filling and fairing, painting, electrics, engineering and most of the fitting out where done by Hillyards of Littlehampton, West Sussex, or their agents. The painting was specified and overseen by International Marine Coatings.

Photos of the hull during fit-out


Steel Pulse was launched in 2004. PIP (Yacht Building) Ltd initially had plans to build a charter fleet for use in the Med, but a change in circumstances resulted in only one boat being built. She was initially used a charter boat based in Plymouth but then sold.

We bought her in 2006 and she has been owned by us and based in Bangor, Northern Ireland since then.